Ship’s History Project

USS New Orleans Commisioning Plaque

The USS NEW ORLEANS the class ship of the NEW ORLEANS class Frigate has been in service for at least 40 years having survived her launch in 2339.

Since that time, she has been on eight five-year missions. Designed as a multipurpose vessel and able to adapt based on her pod configurations, the USS NEW ORLEANS has seen action in the following conflicts:

New Orleans in the background.

  • The Federation-Cardassian Border Wars (from 2340’s to 2360’s)
  • During the 2370’s the NEW ORLEANS as assigned to Bajorian sector to help reinforce the sector. Frequently she was assigned to the Badlands to assist with operations against the Maquis and Cardassians.
  • As relations with the Dominion began to crumble. The NEW ORLEANS were among the first Federation starships to fight against the Klingons in 2372. And when war broke out the Dominion in 2373 the NEW ORLEANS was there serving on the front lines.
  • By 2375 the USS NEW ORLEANS was retired from the front lines and returned to Utopia Planetia for much needed upgrades.

USS New Orleans

This is a small history of the class, but with 40 years there is ample opportunity to tell her story from the perspective of different crews. The Chapter’s Krewe is considered to be the current Crew