Frequently Asked Questions

What is the USS NEW ORLEANS?

We are simply a group of Star Trek fans who enjoy getting together to promote our interest in science fiction, and attending events in authentic-looking costumes. We want to show our appreciation for a series that has touched each one of us at some point in our lives, and if we can do that by making appearances at fan-based events, or by collecting for charity, then we will make every effort to.

Where did the USS NEW ORLEANS name come from?

This is the area’s second STARFLEET Chapter, the first was the USS RENAISSANCE which was disbanded shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The USS NEW ORLEANS was inspired by our earlier Chapter but with the rebirth the city it was decided that we would be the Class Ship for a Class City.

Additionally it was the discovered that ship with the name of NEW ORLEANS had also made their mark in history by their service to this country. This NEW ORLEANS would attempt to do the same for its community.

What can the USS NEW ORLEANS do for me?

Perhaps a better question would be, what would you like for the USS NEW ORLEANS to do for you? If you’re looking for a new and different fan experience, then nothing is quite like becoming a member of our krewe. If you’re considering having us show up to your event, then take a moment and imagine a group of fully costumed Starfleet humans and aliens enthusiastically showing up at your event and engaging the guests.

This not all that we do. If you are not interested in all the pomp and flair of costuming, we meet once a month and discuss other events. We will discuss science fiction, books, movies and of course Trek and we might even do it over a beignets and cafe au lait.

Even though it was Star Trek that got us together, its the friends that you make that keeps us together.

Does the crew of the USS NEW ORLEANS charge for appearances?

Absolutely not. While we appreciate the offer to pay us for our appearances, we don’t do this for money. We would much rather see that money go to people and charities who need it much more than we do.

Is the USS NEW ORLEANS a part of CBS/Paramount?

We are not affiliated with CBS or Paramount, the Roddenberry family, or any of their subsidiary groups. We are a volunteer fan group only. We are part of a greater network of like minded chapters, called STARFLEET International which is one of the oldest Star Trek clubs around.

How can I join the USS NEW ORLEANS?

40th Anniversary Logo

Becoming a member of the USS NEW ORLEANS is simple – just, go to  and fill out the online form, and at the bottom, be sure to select ‘R3 – USS NEW ORLEANS’ in the drop-down box. For $10.00/yr. in membership dues, you will receive a starting position as Crewman aboard the USS NEW ORLEANS, a membership card, a membership certificate, and access to everything we do. That’s just a few of many benefits of being a member of our ship.

Where do you get those costumes?

We have established an amazingly wonderful relationship with the people at Cosplaysky. The problem with finding First Contact-era Star Trek uniforms is that you’ll either find costumes that are painfully low in quality, or you’ll find high-quality costumes that run as much as $500-$600, easy.

Cosplaysky’s uniforms are of amazing quality and, perhaps more importantly, they have movie-level detail that is difficult to find anywhere else.

What if I don’t want to be a member, but would like to show up at events with you in uniform too?

Yes you can. Costuming is not discriminating art and we welcome all types. Dressing up is part of the fun. Who knows maybe you will join at a later time.

At some time we may wear something with our uniforms that identify us as part of the Chapter. But those will be for members of the USS NEW ORLEANS  and the only way to get that is to be part of the Chapter.

What if I don’t want to purchase a uniform?

You’re not required to.  You can still join and partake in the full USS NEW ORLEANS experience without owning a costume, and nobody will think less of you for it. Costuming is expensive, and not everyone can budget for such a thing. In fact, because of that very fact, we have alternative Class uniforms with components that you probably already own, or can obtain fairly inexpensively.

Is it hot in those costumes?

You have NO idea. That’s why we encourage our members to stay hydrated regularly. Try to imagine walking the deserts of Vulcan in the middle of summer, while covered in lard and wrapped in bacon.

How do I contact the USS NEW ORLEANS to attend my event?
You may do by contacting the Commanding Officer Randolph Allen or the Executive Officer at